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Shortlist is a short and sweet ToDo List. The only if not one of the few task list apps that prevents endlessly cluttering the day with additional tasks. It's easy to get carried away, as the day moves along, Shortlist prevents unccessary todos and refocuses your mind on what must be done today.

Designed to help you carefully plan and balance your day by limiting the tasks done every day.

Simple to use.

- Priority based to-dos
- Variable limit to-dos for each priority
- Track your stats
- Set reminders so you won't forget important todos
- An end of day reminder to check off and review what you've done
- Organise tasks into custom named categories
- We aren't perfect, retrieve incomplete tasks from the day before
- Apple Watch Support
- Integrate todos from Apple's Reminder App (also syncs)
- No Subscriptions
- No Ads