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ShoppingList Pro Edition

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ShoppingList Pro Edition

With ShoppingList Pro Edition you always have your shopping list with you.
Stop suffering from memo mess or forgotten products.

ShoppingList Pro Edition makes it possible to easily manage your purchases in a clear way. Because of the intuitive handling you need just a moment to create, edit and add products to shopping lists. As during the development of ShoppingList Pro Edition attention has been paid to provide the possibility to create lists with as few clicks as possible you can save a lot of time.
To coordinate your shopping with other people (friends, family members and so on) the app offers the possibility to share your shopping lists with ohter users and have the same data on different devices.


• Adding several lists is possible; indication per list of how many products are not marked as bought
• Intuitive adding, editing and deleting of products
• Sorting products in the shopping list
• Adding products through "scanning" their barcodes
• Products have a lot of detail information like a category, unit, quantity, note, unit and total price, and many more

• Calculating the total price of your purchase, of your bought and not bought products
• Highlighting of bought products
• Filtering: Show all products, just bought or only not bought products
• Restart shopping by pressing just one button
• Reminder at a certain time or at a certain location

• Synchronization with several devices or sharing with other people (In-App purchase necessary)
• Sending the shopping lists via email or SMS; Printing via AirPrint

• Numerous setting options
• 7 different designs (choose from standard, wood, grid paper and "girly” design)

If you would like to test the App first, I recommend you to install the Free-Version of ShoppingList Pro. The features are limited though!

If you should have any problems with the App (e.g. errors) or an idea for a new feature, please use the contact button in the App and not the App rating to contact me.
This is the only way that I can answer you.
Christoph Linimayer