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Shopping Budget

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Shopping Budget

Cost control with every purchase! Manage your expenses effectively with one of the most user-friendly budget tracker app. Instead of manually entering all the items and their cost, you can simply use this app to scan the bar codes and generate a personalized record of everything you have purchased so far along with its price. Save time and effort that goes into budget tracking and switch to a much more streamlined user budget recorder app that enables you to be free from financial uncertainties by putting a check on your expenses.
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Hold Yourself Accountable for Expenses
The best way to idealize stability and balance in your life is to start holding yourself accountable for the things you do and the actions that you take. Finance is not to be taken lightly, especially when you wish to be stable and settled in your life. With this cost tracker app, you can visualize your expenses and see just how much you have expend within a certain time period. With daily cost entries, you become able to track your spending habits that are useful in holding yourself accountable. Record, track and analyze to rectify your expenses.

Gain Financial Freedom Eventually
The main principle of financial freedom is to become free from financial worries and constraints. Our app is specifically designed to cater to a modern user’s lifestyle. Whether you are a daily shopper or a grocery haul person, this cost tracker app will enable you to keep a track of your actions so you determine what does and what does not work for you. Follow your habits to get rid of bad ones and adopt good spending habits.

Simple and Easy to Use Cost tracker
Shopping Budget – Shop Tracker is designed to be as user-friendly, time saving and efficient as possible. Unlike conventional apps, you can connect your camera to the app and use it to scan the barcode of any item that you have purchased or want to purchase. The scan will generate a complete data of the item, along with its name, price, quantity and number of units etc. This way, you can record accurate expense information within the app and track your spending later.

Generate Complete Data Records
Record your purchases quickly, easily and efficiently using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Scan the article directly with your iPhone and receive all product data directly in the app. There are over 1.5 million products stored. So you always have an overview of your budget! Record the most common prices and use the history function to compare shopping expenses per day, month and year. With the discount function, you can quickly deduct discounts and special offers from the actual price.

Features of Shopping Budget – Shop Tracker
• Simple and easy cost tracker app UI/UX
• Appealing layout and clean design for best experience
• Connect app with camera to scan the product barcode and record it
• Save your expenses corresponding to every good for a complete record
• Generate weekly, monthly or lifetime overviews of your spending
• Keep track of the discounts and offers to see how much money you saved as compared to the actual price
• Quick and easy scanning that generates data from a reserve of 1.5 million item entries

Are you ready to become more financially wise? With this cost tracker app, you can change your financial habits and become more aware of your spending. Download and use Shopping Budget – Shop Tracker today!
Ronald Gelbard