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Shop Wrist

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Shop Wrist

Simple, Simple, Simple. Easier than pencil and paper.

Just touch the app icon and point your iPhone at whatever it is you want to remember to pick up at the store.

Running out of Milk? Point your iPhone at the Milk, and touch the app icon. DONE.
Need cat food? 1 touch. DONE.
Don't forget the cereal... 1 touch and DONE.

All items you add are displayed in a very simple list of images with any additional notes you may want to add. Adding notes is optional, the pictures normally suffice.

Did I say "Simple" ?

My wife and I were tired of looking for a good reminder / shopping app. All of them wanted you to search and scroll through lists of categories etc.. etc..

I just wanted to point my phone at what I needed and be done. I wanted something that was easier than picking up a pencil and paper.

This is that app. I hope all like minded individuals will enjoy using this app as much as we do.

You can use the list on the phone, or show the individual items on your Apple Watch. Just tap the watch for the next item.

There are many additional features that we could add to this app, but probably won't. The reason, We want this app to remain simple to use rather than to cover every conceivable situation that any user can think of.

PLEASE NOTE: This app will NOT clutter your PHOTOS. All images are stored as data for this app only. Delete the item from the list, the image is also deleted.
WUB Studios