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Shop IT Timer notes, on the fly where everything time-stamped TO-THE-SECOND.

Expense Tracker - log expenses, upload receipts for each shop, calculate the total amount of expenses.

Best ' Mystery Shopper's Mobile app' for note-taking.

We interviewed over 100 professional Mystery Shoppers and considered every valuable review given by the users and all the valuable need-based feedback has been incorporated in this app to make your life safer and easier while making you more money at the same time.

We are on a mission to help users remove the pain of note-taking, time tracking, and saving reports.

Not only for Shoppers. Awesome for Daily life and Work notes.

======== APP DESCRIPTION ========

- It just looks like you are texting
- Everything is TIME-STAMPED (TO THE SECOND) can be easily toggled between 24 hour time and 12 hours (am/pm) time
- Passcode lock
- Adjustable font size to make you feel comfortable looking at your Notes
- No Log-in required
- Intuitive and simple to use. If you can text, you already know how to "Shop It!"
- Expenses Log, Upload Receipts.
- iTunes File sharing - Sync iPhone with your PC
- Many more you have to explore, trust us it has many more to store in it and make the life of note-taking easy.

- 'Tap' the screen to mark the time (to the second)- similar to a 'lap timer'
- Save notes and "do not forget" instructions on the 'Shop List' page. flip back and forth discreetly between this and the covert 'Text Entry' screen.
- Calculate time gap between two timestamps? We don't want you to go anywhere else for your reporting. Just long tap on timings in your Current Note.

For far less than your pay on one 'Fast Food Shop', add this App to your Mystery-Shopping Toolkit. Spend less energy trying not-to-be-spotted and more time observing; save time on reports since you have all your notes, timings, photos, videos and voice memos in one place. Time=Money; it all adds up. ***

*** The app has proven very stable and complaints are rare, but if there is ever anything amiss we definitely need the feedback in order to fix it. We respond quickly to every inquiry. Thank you for considering 'Shop-It'!! ***

More Info:

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....for simple operating instructions, contact us, or to offer suggestions for future updates. Your good reviews are extremely valuable to us! Thank you.

'Shop It’ is not affiliated with any Shopping companies or their clients.
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