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Tempo in shooting clays is one of the fundamentals for optimum performance. This App helps the coach and shooter predict when the shooter will start to perform poorly. It measures the time from the beginning of the mounting action, call of "pull", until the shot is taken. If the time deviates the shooter is starting to lose concentration. Use this App to time your actions to see if you are consistent. Use this App to measure the execution time of your preparation phase and the shooting phase. The Heart Rate Tool is ideal to measure the optimal heart rate at which you perform best and variation during a round.


1) Record your mount and call/shot execution time when shooting well.
2) Recorded your mount and call/shot execution time when missing targets.
3) Record top shooters mount and call/shot execution time.
4) Make changes to your mount and call/shot execution time as necessary to achieve top performance.
5) Target direction ( Left, Straight and Right) be recorded with Hit/Missed targets.
6) Shot spot ( In front, behind, above or below ) feature.


1) Export your results for further processing using external tools such as MS excel.
2) Compare Mount and Call timings vs kills/missed targets and HR values.
3) Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
4) Heart Rate recording whilst shooting (requires the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor [not included, please buy separately from ebay at roughly €50]) or Apple Watch.
5) New inline Graphs of Call, Mount, Hit and HR values for easy comparison of all shooting factors simultaneously.
6) Integrated with the Apple Health Kit App.
7) Compatable with iPhone and iPad.
Rennie Deguara