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Shoot Pro Webcam & Telestrator

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Shoot Pro Webcam & Telestrator

Shoot gives you a rock-solid connection to your iOS device’s camera for meetings and live streams. It's easy to connect and you get full manual camera controls when you need them. With Shoot's telestrator you can draw and add text (using your voice) on top of your video feed to quickly illustrate a point on-camera, or annotate whatever your camera is pointed at. You can pause the video to make this easier.

Connect to your computer over USB*, HDMI or AirPlay and stream live from Ecamm, OBS, Zoom or other streaming or meeting apps, for a professional-looking live stream.

Shoot is used thousands of times every month for everything from live music, DJ sets, podcasts, gaming and webinars, to church services, in classrooms, for sports, art, crafting, and even bingo, magic shows, puppet shows and drag shows.

Streaming high-definition video is a resource-intensive activity and apps that don’t use native Screen Mirroring have the odds stacked against them.

This is why apps that create their own USB connection to an OBS plugin, or broadcast over NDI are inherently prone to instability, high latency, freezes, crashes, lost connections and other random problems.

Streamers with huge followings love this app.

"@michaelforrest thank you for your camera app, it’s amazing." — Alexandra Botez (@alexandravbotez) August 3, 2021

There are lots of great reviews too.

“The best app to turn your iPhone into a webcam by far!” - Talks Of Our Time Podcast

“Fantastische Software!” - Zahn–Rat

“Essential app for educators [...] Developer is super responsive and friendly!” - 0301chris

See the website at for more tweets and reviews.

• Gestures allow focus locking, zooming
• Overlays disappear
• Full manual control of ISO, Shutter Speed, EV± Exposure Bias, Manual Focus, White Balance Lock and Color Temperature
• Guides to help you get set up on Mac and PC
• Supports older devices - iOS 12 and newer
• Battery-saving mode preserves resources
• 60fps, vertical video - whatever you need is probably in Settings
• Disable image stabilisation if your kick drum is causing the camera to judder
• Apple Watch App for switching cameras, controlling zoom, exposure, focus and white balance so you can adjust the picture from where you’re sitting or standing
• Virtual Green Screen [Experimental]
• Portrait Effect [Experimental]

• Record scripted videos using Beat Sheet for Mac with Shoot's teleprompter feature

• Draw over footage with Shoot's virtual whiteboard.
• Pause live video to draw on top of it.
• Draw an underline and speak to add text.

• Control your camera's settings in real time from any web browser

GRIDS [Pro Plan]
A grid overlay is a simple but effective way to make your footage look more professional.

Send phone audio audio over HDMI.
Good To Hear