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Shoot Contact Sharing

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Shoot Contact Sharing

Shoot Contact Sharing — The easiest way to organize and share your contact information with anyone - fast!

The only digital business card for all of your business. Share precisely the contact information you want in just one tap, wherever you are and with whomever you want. Save separate profiles to shoot your info in a variety of settings — at work, at parties, at conferences, at school — anywhere you might meet someone.

- Start with a master profile of contact info and personal links
- Create additional profiles to share selected info with selected people in any situation
- Tap ‘Shoot’ to send your info instantly by text, email, vCard, WhatsApp, and Airdrop
- Shoot a friend’s info too right from your Contacts
- Completely ad-free
- Works with Apple Watch

Totally optional upgrade if you want to create a custom signature or have multiple company names and titles.

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