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Shoobie³ Tide Table

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Shoobie³ Tide Table

Enhance every beach outing with Shoobie³, your ultimate seaside assistant. Shoobie³ is designed to make each moment by the ocean unforgettable, now featuring Weather Alerts and Siri Shortcuts for a more intuitive experience. Here's how Shoobie³ transforms your beach days:

• Effortless Planning with Tide Forecast: Sync your beach activities—be it a family gathering or an exhilarating surf session—with the tides. Shoobie³ identifies the optimal times for you to enjoy the shore.
• Weather Alerts: Stay ahead of the weather with real-time alerts on severe conditions. Enjoy uninterrupted beach fun without the worry of unexpected weather changes.
• Sun Safety with UV Index: Keep sunburn at bay with our UV Index monitoring, ensuring your time in the sun is both enjoyable and safe.
• Optimal Surf Conditions: Track swell heights and directions with precise updates, and find the best waves for an epic surf day.
• Perfect Sea Water Temperature: Dive into the ocean at the ideal temperature. Shoobie³ provides current sea water temperatures, making your swim perfectly refreshing.
• Wind Insights for Outdoor Activities: Whether you’re sailing, kiteboarding, or playing beach volleyball, get accurate wind forecasts to enhance your experience.
• Rain Checks with Precipitation Levels: Don’t let rain dampen your plans. Our detailed precipitation forecasts help you stay dry and happy.
• Siri Shortcuts: Access the next tide, swell details, UV index, and sea water temperature quickly via Siri—perfect for hands-free updates.

Additional Features:
• Convenient Widgets: Quick access to all essential beach weather details from your home screen.
• Live Activity Updates: Keep up with real-time conditions to stay informed about the sea and weather changes.
• Custom Tide Notifications: Set personalized alerts and never miss the ideal tide for your beach activities.

Shoobie³ caters to every beach enthusiast—whether you’re into watersports, sunbathing, or casual beach visits. We’re constantly evolving Shoobie³ to ensure it remains your most dependable beach weather guide.

Please note that some premium features, such as advanced weather data and personalized notifications, are available through Shoobie³ Premium. Upgrade to unlock a comprehensive toolkit for your seaside adventures!
Jeremie Berduck