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Key Features:
• Tide Forecast: Whether you're planning a family day out or a solo surfing trip, choose the best moment of the day!
• Weather Conditions: Shoobie³ provides up-to-date weather information, including temperature and temperature felt, ensuring you're always prepared for the day's forecast.
• UV Index: With Shoobie³'s UV Index feature, users can easily monitor the level of ultraviolet radiation present at the beach, helping them take appropriate precautions to protect their skin from sunburn and other harmful effects.
• Swell Height and Direction: For avid surfers and water sports enthusiasts, Shoobie³ offers real-time data on swell height and direction, enabling them to select the perfect spot to catch the waves.
• Water Temperature: Whether you're planning a refreshing swim or a leisurely dip, Shoobie³'s water temperature feature equips you with accurate information, ensuring your comfort and safety in the ocean.
• Wind Speed and Direction: Shoobie³ keeps you informed about the wind conditions, providing valuable insights for activities such as sailing, kiteboarding, and beach volleyball.
• Precipitation Level: Stay prepared with Shoobie³'s precipitation level information, allowing you to plan your beach day accordingly and avoid any unexpected rainfall.

Additional Features:
• Widgets: Experience the convenience of accessing all essential sea weather information right from your device's home screen with Shoobie³'s customizable widgets.
• Live Activity: Shoobie³ utilizes live data to ensure that users have real-time access to accurate sea weather information, providing the most up-to-date insights.
• Tide Notifications: Never miss the perfect tide again! Shoobie³ allows users to set personalized notifications, keeping them informed about the next tide and enabling optimal beach activities.

Shoobie³ is committed to delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience, making it the go-to app for beach enthusiasts, water sports lovers, and casual beachgoers alike. With its wide range of features and constant updates, Shoobie³ provides a comprehensive and reliable sea weather companion.
Jeremie Berduck