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Your fitness journey starts here! Come as you are, exercise at your own pace, & achieve your personal goal. Build your strongest and most confident self with workouts at home or in the gym.

Join SHOCK & discover a new way to get fit, tone up, and build muscle!

New members get 7-days of fitness training for free!


Tell us about you, your goals, & your current fitness level, and we'll generate a personalized training program just for you! If you feel like the level of difficulty isn’t quite right, you can change your training program at any time.

• Beginner or advanced home workouts.
• Fitness challenges personalized for your level.
• Compare weekly progress with private photos.
• Track daily workouts with a fitness tracker.


500+ beginner and advanced exercises. Training programs include weekly strength training, cardio and HIIT workouts, weekly fitness challenges geared towards your personal goals, and fat-burning weight loss workouts.

• Workouts for all fitness goals to help you feel strong and confident.
• Strength, cardio, and HIIT workouts.
• Choose from four training levels, beginner to advanced.
• Minimal equipment and bodyweight home workouts.
• Targeted exercises with easy-to-follow videos and instruction.
• Swap exercises with an alternate option.


SHOCK measures your heart rate or rate of perceived exertion (RPE), guiding each workout and providing training feedback to ensure you achieve the best results!

• Bodyweight and minimal equipment exercises.
• Low-intensity (LISS) cardio workouts.
• High-intensity (HIIT) interval training

We blend two styles of cardio: low-intensity (LISS) and high-intensity (HIIT). Our automatic interval timer will help you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time without the hassle of tracking your intervals.


SHOCK Live and on-demand workouts are here! Mix up your routine and join Trainer Ashley Steele and women from all around the world for a variety of training formats, including EMOM, Tabata, HIIT, Traditional strength training, and more!


Choose from hundreds of 5-20 minute quick workouts that are muscle group focused:

• Bodyweight and minimal equipment exercises targeting your abs, arms, shoulders, booty, and legs
• Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
• Bodyweight only, Light and Full Gym Equipment


• SHOCK is fully compatible with Apple Watch.
• Complete entire workouts from your watch with no need for a phone.
• Wrist taps, vibrations, and sound alerts notify you when it’s time to change exercises.
• Power through your workout jamming to one of our Apple Music playlists.

SHOCK integrates with Apple's HealthKit. The app will provide heart rate for all exercise and workouts. SHOCK uses Apple's Core Motion to count step metrics and track distance during cardio workouts.

**Sub­scrip­tion Pric­ing & Terms**

SHOCK is free to down­load. On­go­ing use re­quires an ac­tive sub­scrip­tion, avail­able on a month­ly, quar­ter­ly, or year­ly ba­sis. Cus­tomers who choose any of our sub­scrip­tion op­tions are el­i­gi­ble for a free 7-day free tri­al pe­ri­od.

We of­fer 3 sub­scrip­tion plans in­clud­ing Month­ly (1 month), Quar­ter­ly (3 months), & An­nu­al (12 months). Un­less can­celed or auto-re­new is turned off 24-hours be­fore the end of the sub­scrip­tion term or the 7-day tri­al pe­ri­od; you will be billed au­to­mat­i­cal­ly at a rate based on your cho­sen sub­scrip­tion plan at the end of the free 7-day tri­al or on your sub­scrip­tion re­new­al date.

You can man­age your sub­scrip­tion & dis­able auto-re­new­al in your Ac­count Set­tings af­ter pur­chase or tri­al start. Pay­ment will be charged to your iTunes Ac­count at con­fir­ma­tion of pur­chase. Re­funds will not be pro­vid­ed for any un­used por­tion of your term.

Read our full Terms of Ser­vice at
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