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by Yi Lv
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by Yi Lv
ShiKe is an independent WatchOS App to present time in the traditional Chinese way, with “Shi” and “Ke” in calligraphy art. ShiKe supports multiple WatchOS watch faces. You don’t have to open the app, or even lift your wrist to get the time in Shi & Ke. “ShiKe” also supports countdown in Shi and Ke.

* ShiKe provider multiple calligraphy art watch face complications, with different icon sizes from large to small.

* ShiKe provider multiple text-based watch face complications.

* ShiKe supports the Always-On Display in the latest Apple Watch Series 5 so that you could check the time without lifting your wrist.

* In the ShiKe app, the brightness of Shi and Ke characters will vary all through, to illustrate the endless elapse of time.

* ShiKe displays Shi and Ke in a circle according to the ancient coronagraph, and provide you their corresponding modern time.

* ShiKe has a builtin countdown timer in Shi and Ke. You could create an alarm by choosing the interval in the Digital Crown. Once the alarm is created, the watch would vibrate on time even if the ShiKe app is closed.

* When an alarm is ticking, a little candle will light up on the interface of the ShiKe app. The candle will become shorter and shorter as the alarm time is approaching. You could get a rough idea of the alarm by just observing the candle.

Time is eternal but precious. We hope the time display by Shi and Ke will help you to find a new meaning for it.
Yi Lv