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Shifty Calendar

by Incyc
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Shifty Calendar

by Incyc
Shifty is a simple shift calendar for all kinds of crazy schedules.

Shifty makes it easy to add and view events that always change, which is common among shift workers like nurses, doctors, retail staff, etc. These schedules are usually unpredictable, and adding them to a calendar is not the best experience on traditional calendar apps. Shifty allows users to easily tap to mark their work days, and export shifts all at once with the same start/end times. Users can further take advantage of iCloud calendar sharing to let family and friends see which days they work.

• Simply tap on the dates you work to mark them
• Assign different start and end times for each shift
• Create up to 8 shifts to track different shift times, sick and vacation days, etc.
• Export shifts to any of your external calendars (Google Calendar, iCloud calendar, etc.)
• Share your schedule with friends and family via iCloud calendars and they'll get notified when your schedule is available or changes
• Have a photo of your schedule? Conveniently open it in Shifty and mark dates side by side
• Universal app with iPad support
• View your upcoming shifts on Apple Watch
• Quickly text your schedule via the iMessage app

Shifty is perfect for:
- Retail employees
- Nurses & Doctors
- Police, Firefighters & EMTs
- Waiters & Waitresses
- Bartenders
- Construction workers
- Contractors
- Part time jobs

Shifty works great when paired with iCloud calendar sharing features to share your work schedules with friends and family. The best part is they'll get a notification when you add new shifts, and always see which days you're working without bothering you. Shifty is extremely versatile, so you can use it to keep track of all sorts of unpredictable repeating events.

Your privacy is important. Shifty is an entirely offline application. All shift data lives only locally on your device (unless of course you export them to external calendars).

Have any feedback or feature request? Drop an email at [email protected]