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ShiftKing will help you to check your shift schedule.

1. Indicate your shift work on each day on calendar.
2. You can overwrite your shift on the existing schedule and make notes.
3. Check your tabled shift work.
4. Widget is available to see your shift schedule.
5. Calculate annual leave.

+ Give hands to make shift schedule database which will make your colleague to check their shift schedule easily.
++ For company workers which has not-periodically repeating shift work, send shift work table to developer that will let your shift schedule to be save on database and will help you to see your shift schedule with ShiftKing.

=== Usage ====
1. Setting - Search Company: Search and select your company to see your shift schedule.
2. If your company is not among the list, you can make your own shift schedule.

● Touch on date to enter changed shift schedule, notes and overtime.
● Set Color for any Work Element
● Select your calendar to see public holidays on calendar.
● Can show iPhone's calendar events.

■ People who have non-periodic shift schedule can see their shift by submitting shift schedule date to developer by e-mail.
■ Workers who have non-periodic shift pattern such as private bodyguard, nurses, etc. can input their shift directly on calendar by selecting not periodic option. ' Setting - Make New - Selected Non Periodic'

shift work
el trabajo por turnos
trabalho por turnos
travail posté
сменная работа
làm việc theo ca
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