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Shift4 Authenticator

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Shift4 Authenticator

When it comes to protecting your sensitive information, two is better than one. Shift4 Authenticator™ is a multifactor authentication tool that helps to secure your accounts and keep the sensitive information within them safe. Users can easily generate a dynamic six-digit passcode to access any account that uses Google Authenticator guidelines, including Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET®.


Security – You get more advanced security against hackers because Shift4 Authenticator generates a different six-digit passcode for every log-in attempt. The passcodes are randomly generated every 30 seconds and are unique to your device and account.

Ease of Use – The Shift4 Authenticator app works with iOS devices and Apple Watch®.

Flexibility – You can use Shift4 Authenticator to access your Shift4 DOLLARS ON THE NET® and MyPortal accounts, as well as other accounts that use Google Authenticator.

Compliance – Merchants can use Shift4 Authenticator to help them meet PCI DSS v3.2 compliance requirements by enabling multifactor authentication for all administrators.
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