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Shift Diary

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Shift Diary

My Shift Diary : - A very simple application for people who work in Shifts. This easy to use tool helps you to:

•Find your shift on any date
•Record your notes connected to Shift Schedule
•Search and find notes when needed
•Record, List or Export overtime
•Set Reminders for shift days (recurring or one time)

My Shift Diary :- allows you to setup your own shift schedules easily in just few taps. Alternately you can use the preset schedule.
•Just save ‘Schedule description’, ‘First date’ of any shift cycle, ‘number of days’ per cycle and ‘Description of days’

Features of the application:

• Add your own Shift Schedule
• Use the existing Pre-set schedules
- example : 4 Days On / 4 Days Off
• Add your own description of the days in a schedule
• Select any of the saved schedules to project/forecast the shift of that schedule
• Add, Edit & View Buddy's schedule

• Record notes about the work day or off day. Kind of logbook that can keep track of certain issues in the plant/work-place. (Turbine trips, plant upsets, major maintenance activities, Reason for shift change etc)
• Search and retrieve quickly the saved notes

•Record your overtime hours
•List overtime for desired month.

Useful for people who work in shifts like: Oil and Gas plants, petrochemicals, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Malls, Mines etc.