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Shared Grocery List

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Shared Grocery List

With a wide range of features packed in this application, doing groceries will be easier. By creating a shared list with your family or friends, everybody can add, remove or mark as bought items in real-time. This can help in a variety of situations:

- Somebody is already in the store? The item you created will pop on his list while he is buying other things.
- Are you together at the same time shopping? The items will be marked as bought for both of you, so you will not end up with duplicates.

To share a list is extremely easy! Just click "Invite people to this list" and send the link it to your friends and family. Congratulations! From here you are the owner of this list. That means you can remove people from the list, clear the list from time to time or even delete it.

- Use quantities very easy
- Quantities are available in Pounds, Pints, Liters, Kilograms, Pieces
- Possibility to undo every mistake
- Items are sorted instantly after marking something as bought
- Inserting items is quick and easy - just type and click `return`
- Create recipes and quickly add ingredients to your grocery list

With Apple Watch app you can quickly check items from your wrist while you are in the store.
With Siri, you can easily interact with the app and add new items while reading a recipe book or checking your fridge.
Dan Merlea