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Shaky Sheep

by Simarim
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Shaky Sheep

by Simarim
Help the little sheep from the dangerous wolfs!

Wolfs are falling from the sky and the little sheep has to defend itself. The better your sheep gets it will earn the respect of new combat power belts. But it's a long way to go... will your sheep survive? And... are there only wolfs lurking in the sky or maybe there are other dangerous situations awaiting your sheep?

So many questions... But the most important one is:
Can you reach the BLACK belt? Can you become the most POWERFUL sheep in the world?

Compete against other sheep in the world in the Champions Sheep. Or just focus on becoming best among your sheep friends.

Well, go for it! Become the Master of Shaky Sheep!

...and for you luck Apple Watch users... Complete shaky missions and collect game coins !