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Shade Spotter Alarm

by Aexol
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Shade Spotter Alarm

by Aexol
Problems with waking up? Tired of setting multiple alarms just to make sure you wake up on time?
We have a healthy solution! The best night stand app!

Shade Spotter Alarm is a healthy, very loud & highly effective way of waking up heavy sleepers.
Start your day with super-tricky brain game. How does this alarm clock work? It's very simple.
When the loud alarm goes on, open your eyes, spot and tap different color.
BE CAREFUL as every miss progresses difficulty to the next level :)

If it takes you couple minutes to "reboot" your brain after waking up this night stand app if for you!
Wake up guaranteed! Shade Spotter Alarm is the best alarm clock app for you :)

- innovative approach to alarm clock app
- beautiful design
- simple interface
- Apple Watch supported