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Seven-a-Row is an arcade-style game where you have to catch every ball that comes from above. Use the catcher blocks of the same colour to catch a ball. Make sure that the catcher block is empty.

Move the chain of catcher blocks with your finger on iPhone or iPad, or with the Digital Crown on Apple Watch!

As you fill a row of seven blocks with balls, it disappears. When all rows disappear, a new wave of empty blocks comes, and the balls speed up, making it more difficult to fill all blocks.

Your score is displayed on top of the screen. Each game second scores you 1 point, each ball caught scores 5 points, each filled row scores 50 points.

If a ball encounters a catcher block of wrong colour, it blows up. Also, if a catcher block is already occupied by ball, the ball blows up. Each ball blown up decrease the lifeline length by one step, which is displayed under the score. 8 rows filled successfully increase the lifeline length by one step. When the lifeline disappears, the game is lost, otherwise, if you are lucky enough, it never ends.

Choose between Easy, Medium or Hard level. This varies the ball speed (the easier the level, the slower) and the new catcher block waves appearing pattern.

Enjoy the game!
Aleksandr Iakovlev