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Sentinel • Authenticator

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Sentinel • Authenticator

Join 500.000+ users who rely every day on Sentinel to securely manage 2-Factor Authentication on their accounts and apps.

Protect your accounts and crypto wallets from hackers.
Download Sentinel now and enable 2FA on all your apps (Instagram, Google, Binance, Kraken, Robinhood, Discord, Twitch, etc).


1. managing simply and securely all your 2-Factor Authentication code

2. sharing your code securely on all your Apple devices thanks to the iCloud Keychain (strong encrypted by Apple). No 2FA code will ever transit to any third-party server.

3. organizing your accounts into folders so you can mix both work and personal accounts without losing your mind

4. creating encrypted Backups to never lose your 2FA codes again


- 900+ icons available

- Customize the app with themes and display modes (Modern, Classic, Condensed, Focus, etc.)

- iOS & macOS Widget

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