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Sensoric Blitz

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Sensoric Blitz

The successor to the #1 music game in Germany. Brand new for Apple Watch.

4 Colors! 4 Sounds! Unlimited combinations! Endless challenges right on your wrist!

Welcome to Sensoric Blitz, the premium mind training game.

Jump right into the 1980s and play this deluxe version of the popular game that became a pop culture symbol.

Dare your mind and train your short-term memory with this game by replaying given sound-button sequences as long as possible.

After each correct sequence the length of the sequence increases.

Try to beat your own record and overcome your mind!


- gorgeous looking ;) on your Apple Watch
- high res retina support for Apple Watch and Apple iPhone
- easy but demanding gameplay
- relaxing pentatonic sounds
- highscores
- stunning visual effects
- including a trip down memory lane into the 1980s
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