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Use your smart watch to control a wearable soundboard using movements, displays and buttons! This app supports both the Apple Watch Pebble Watch devices thus far.

You can play sounds in three ways.
1) Directly from the phone.
2) Using buttons or the display on your smart watch
3) Using MOTION on your Pebble Watch! You can play air guitar, make classic Kung Fu punch noises and throw imaginary fireballs using the accelerometer in your smart watch! This feature is planned to be supported on the Apple Watch in the near future.

This app capable of running in the background for a short time and enables users to choose sounds to play through simple list UIs on the wrist. You do not need a smart watch to use this app. Sounds can be played directly from the phone, but the real magic is in playing the perfectly timed rimshot or sad trombone immediately after your buddy tells yet another horrible joke.