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Sensor Networks Smart Home

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Sensor Networks Smart Home

Sensor Networks Smart Home is a smart-home IoT-monitoring system that allows you to take control of the Sensor Networks IoT sensors in your home.

Using Sensor Networks Smart Home, you can monitor and control the Sensor Networks Smart Geyser device. Set the geyser’s daily heating schedule and hot-water temperature, as well as view energy usage of the geyser over time. The app lets you know what your geyser is doing in real-time, and notifies you immediately should anything go wrong while automatically shutting off the water and electricity supplies to the geyser; limiting any resultant damage to your home.

The Sensor Networks Smart Home app also lets you take control of your Sensor Networks Smart Security and Sensor Networks Smart Fire Alarm devices, giving you complete control of our comprehensive IoT smart-home solution.

In order to use Sensor Networks Smart Home, you will need to do the following:
- Install the Sensor Networks IoT devices in your home.
- Register as a user in the app.
- Verify your email address.
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