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Sensor Networks Smart Geyser

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Sensor Networks Smart Geyser

Sensor Smart Geyser is a geyser monitoring and preventative system. It allows the user to monitor usage by tracking kWh and temperature. The system is then able to calculate daily cash spent based on kWh and current municipal electricity costs. Users can adjust water temperatures to their liking. The system also allows the user to set a daily schedule for switching the geyser on or off. If the geyser does encounter a fault, the system automatically switches off the geyser heating system and notifies the user.

- First Register as an user on the application.
- Once the Smart Geyser hardware has been installed you will receive an SMS with an Geyser ID.
- You can then add your Geyser using this Geyser ID.
- Once the geyser is added to your phone, you can now monitor and adjust temp or schedules.

Save electricity and prevent major faults now using the Sensor Smart Geyser
Sensor Networks (Pty) Ltd