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Sensor Logger

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Sensor Logger

Sensor Logger is a free, easy to use, beautifully designed data logger that logs readings from common motion-related sensors on your iPhone and Apple Watch. An intuitive interface allows you to select your desired sensors. A simple tap of a button initiates the recording function, which works even when the app is in the background. You can view and manage all recordings within the app via interactive plots. The export functionality conveniently zips and output recordings in a simple CSV or JSON format. For advanced use cases, you may also stream data via HTTP during a recording session.

Main Features

- One-Tap Logging
- Background Recording
- View Recordings on Interactive Plots
- Stream Data via HTTP
- Zipped CSV & JSON Exports
- Enable & Disable Specific Sensors
- Add Timestamp Synchronised Annotations During Recording
- Adjust Sampling Frequency for Sensor Groups
- Raw and Calibrated Measurements Available
- Live Plots for Sensors
- Customise Recording Workflow
- Control & Track Recording Session From Watch
- Bulk Export & Delete Recordings
- Completely Free & Ad Free
- Data Stays On-Device and 100% Private

Supported Measurements

- Device Acceleration (Accelerometer; Raw & Calibrated)
- Gravity Vector (Accelerometer)
- Device Rotation Rate (Gyroscope)
- Device Orientation (Gyroscope; Raw & Calibrated)
- Magnetic Heading (Magnetometer; Raw & Calibrated)
- Barometric Altitude (Barometer)
- GPS Coordinate, Altitude, Speed & Heading
- Audio (Microphone)
- Loudness (Microphone)
- Heart Rate (Requires watch app to be installed)
- Wrist Motion (Requires watch app to be installed)
- Annotations (Timestamp and optional accompanying text comment)

Note that heart rate logging requires integration with the Health app on the watch. Permission to access the heart rate from HealthKit on the watch is needed for the app to log the measurements.
Choi Tsz Hei