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SensAiry app along with its companion hardware lets you check your vehicles tire pressure and temperature. SensAiry uses bluetooth low energy to continuously monitor your vehicles tire pressure. With beautifully designed digital dials, the app’s screen provides easily readable imagery for tire pressure and temperature levels. It displays pressure readings in pounds per square inch (psi), kilopascal (kPa) and in bar units. Temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

- Supports multiple vehicles
- Maximum of 20 tires (inclusive of all vehicles) can be monitored
- Data synced to cloud server
- 5+ years of battery life for the hardware

- Hardware must be separately purchased. Visit to know from where to buy.
- Hardware comes with 1 year warranty.
- SensAiry app requires location services to be turned on. SensAiry does not use GPS but uses Bluetooth LE to locate the sensors.
- SensAiry app requires Bluetooth to be turned on. SensAiry uses Bluetooth Low Energy which has only marginal impact on battery life.
- SensAiry works in 10-15 meters range from the sensors.
Tymtix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.