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A great product deserves a good app!

Access your data for all your Seneye monitored reefs, tanks and ponds.

This app provides a modern iOS8+ style interface and works on every screen size of iPhones and iPads.

The app comes with a widget for the iOS today screen and an app for AppleWatch (watchOS 2.x tested only).

App language can be selected within the app without a need to restart.

You can hide unwanted data (just swipe left on the table view cell)

You can integrate an IP cam in case you want to see pictures or live video of your tanks. Either access ftp server in order to display a picture uploaded by your cam or configure the app to display an http stream of live video.
(examples: ftp://server/folder/picture.jpg, http://server/folder/stream.cgi)

You can display the current weather conditions and tado┬░ and Nest thermostats can be integrated in order to display the current room temperature.

A left swipe on a detail cell will look for dictionary entries and display them if available.

Please note that language translations might not be perfect at the moment but will improve soon.

In case of issues please contact [email protected]
Joerg Wissemann