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Ever wanted to send an SMS or Email to someone but it's either too later or early in the day? Perhaps your have no signal or you are about to go on a long journey - like a plane or driving - and you want to let your loved ones know you got there safe? If so, then this app is perfect for you.

The key features are:

- Select multiple recipients from your contacts.
- Manually enter contact details.
- Pre-write your message and select a date/time you want to be reminded to send it.
- A convenient alert reminds you and pre-loads an SMS or Email with your message.
- Interactive notifications make it quick and easy to send messages!
- Badge count displaying current pending messages.

You can schedule up to 2 messages at a time for free. In app purchase is available to schedule an unlimited number at a time.

*Note: due to restrictions placed by Apple - you are still required to physically tap 'send' for the SMS or Emails - this app simply reminds you at your chosen time and automatically loads an email or SMS message for you to send.

*Note: we never take a copy of your contacts or messages when you use this app.
Minty Water Ltd