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Selfloops Spark

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Selfloops Spark

This is the app for Selfloops users to analyze their workouts and book fitness classes.

This application includes our advanced Apple Watch app.

The iPhone application allows you to:
- see your activities from
- check your weekly goals
- sign up for classes
- add notes to the workouts and see the notes of the coach
- set the RPE(Rate of Perceived Exertion, Borg scale) of the workout

The Apple Watch app allows you to:
- join Selfloops Group Fitness classes with your Apple Watch as heart rate monitor
- track cardio workouts
- track Concept2 rowers, bikeErgs, SkiErgs
- track rowers, treadmills, indoor bikes and indoor trainers that supports the Bluetooth FTMS protocol.

The Bluetooth FTMS is the fitness industry standard protocol to connect to the machines.

Workouts performed with the Apple Watch app are automatically synchronized with Apple Health, the Apple Activity app and the Selfloops website.