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Selecto - simple to make a choice!

You are faced with a difficult choice? Can't decide what to wear for the evening or what picture to hang in the bathroom? In Selecto you will find a solution for any situation. Create an question, attach photos and keep track of the voting members.

Selecto offers you a great way to find the solution to any question and to help other people. Arrange a mini-survey and see which option will be voted by a majority of users. So it will be easier to determine the way for the evening, a place to relax or a gift for a friend's birthday. Help others make the right decision, voting for one of the options.

Ask, answer, choose. In Selecto you can always find the answer to any question.

App features:

- Quick login using social network account
- A few simple steps to create the question
- Easy to upload photos
- View statistics answers
- Share questions with friends
- Adding interesting questions to favorites
- Apple Watch support
- Force Touch support