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Seizures Emergency Alert

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Seizures Emergency Alert

Seizure Emergency Alert App is simple and easy to submit a report.
During Emergency just shake the mobile to active Alert. If not possible to shake then just press the power button 4 times, and the alert will be activated.

We also added a floating widget option for the user's to easily submit a Report. This widget will always visible on the screen and just press this shortcut button for SOS alert.

SOS Alert directly connected with your emergency contacts. Minimum 2 Emergency contacts required to add to the App before sending the alert.

Make sure your emergency contacts are active and respond back during an emergency.

This App is designed and developed by The Texas Guardians. This App is the most easier and fastest way to submit an SOS alert in Seizure.

Video calling is another feature of this App, Simply press the Calling button, A meeting link instantly sends to the emergency contacts and they can talk directly with the user without any cost.
Roy Tijerina