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Security Alarm

by Wizgeek
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Security Alarm

by Wizgeek
When you encounter a pervert or a suspicious person, this is a security buzzer app for Apple Watch that can sound an alarm when you feel your danger and ask for help from people around you.

■ We can make sound easily with single operation
Even if you shout for help, even if you can't take out your phone right away, you can launch the Apple Watch app and play a loud alarm sound by single operation, so you can respond quickly when things go wrong.

■ Select from four sounds
・ Alarm
・ Buzzer
・ Silen
・ Warning

■ Setting is possible from either iPhone, Apple Watch
From the setting screen, you can set the startup screen, sound selection, and volume.

・ The default setting is maximum volume.
・ Sound is played back even when the manner mode is set.