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SecuRemote® Smart

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SecuRemote® Smart

SecuRemote technology brings to users a secure way to control, monitor, and access devices such garage door, smart deadbolts, Mortise door locks, Light, Smart Plug, Smart Switch, Smart Thermostat in their home using smart phone.
SecuRemote harnesses the power of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth Smart, or Bluetooth Light) technology and web access through cellular networks to bring you unprecedented Convenience, Control, and Security.

SecuRemote Products provides complete access management system, for more information, please visit


• Operate your smart deadbolts/garage/doors/gates from your smartphone
• Grant immediate, real time access to smartphone users from your smartphone
• Manage multiple SecuRemote devices from a single smartphone Works in parallel with your current remotes
• Easy to use: install the device, download this app to your smartphone, and connect the two via Bluetooth. You do NOT need to replace your existing garage door/gate openers. It simply works with it.
• Pairing process for SecuRemote devices is now easier with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. No need to connect from Bluetooth settings.


• Web-based without reliance on home networks (must register device at
• Simply pick family, friends or services from your contacts and grant them personalized access in seconds
• Remotely unlock or lock your door for your guests, even if you're away from home
• Email notification when smart deadbolt/doors/gates are accessed (great for monitoring kids)
• Audit Trail of who operated which device and when
• No reliance on battery-operated keypads


• 128-bit proprietary time-sensitive encryption – more secure than traditional RF remotes
• Operate in real time
• No physical key to lose or monitor
• No keypad code to remember or reset – bring the keypad functionality to your smartphone

This app will not work on iPhone4, iPhone3GS, iPhone3G or iPod Touches before the 5th generation.
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