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Connect to your home security system anytime and anywhere. Arm/disarm your system and control lights, locks, thermostats and other automated services with the touch of a button. Even view & record video from your security cameras.

The App requires a compatible control panel and applicable service. Many people save money by upgrading to cellular alarm communications and eliminating their landline. For more information about upgrading your alarm system, contact your Secura installing alarm company today.

Secura offers these features:

•    System arming/disarming
•    All/perimeter, home/sleep/away or multi-area operation
•    Panel output status and control
•    Control of Z-Wave thermostats, lights, locks, and garage door
•    Favorites: control multiple Z-Wave devices with a single button
•    Actions allowing you to associate Favorites to activate specific events
•    Program a picture you take of your room with hotspots that control your devices
•    Real-time weather for your local zip code
•    Sensor activity zone setting
•    View live video and clips from cameras
•    Add, delete, or edit users from your system
•    Receive push notifications and view history of alarm events, arming/disarming, and troubles by other users on your system.

All features may not come standard with your App. Continued use of background-running GPS can dramatically decrease battery life.
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