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Seaver Watch

by Seaver
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Seaver Watch

by Seaver
Connect the app via Bluetooth to our CEE-Fit and get unprecedented insights about your training. Seaver will help you progress and take care of your horse.

With its dedicated watch application, the Seaver CEE-Fit allows you to obtain information about your training and horses’ physical condition in real-time:
- horse's speed
- horse's and rider's heart rate
- distance covered
- recovery time
- training duration
- right/left lead and gait analyses
- locomotion analysis (symmetry at the trot)
- anomalies detection (to detect a lameness before it even occurs)
- jump information (height, shift, ...),
and so much more!

You no longer need to carry your phone with you when you are training. 

Once you're home, you can retrieve your workout from your Seaver mobile app and get a more detailed analysis of your workout. Your health data will also be traced back to Apple's HealthStore, and you can find your workouts in Apple's activity application.

The HealthKit is used to recover the rider heart rate, allowing you to monitor it during the training.

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