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ScrollTask is an easy to-do list app that allows you to edit, add, and view your tasks from your Apple Watch.

ScrollTask is a standalone Apple Watch app, meaning you do not need your iPhone to edit, add, or view your tasks. This allows you to interact with the app if you go out and leave your phone at home.

Easily add new tasks by pressing the "+ Add" button at the top of the screen. Edit your tasks by tapping on the task, and then tapping the part you would like to edit. Mark your tasks done by tapping on the empty circle.

When editing and adding tasks, you can easily type with a revolutionary keyboard that has a never before seen scrolling keyboard. Click the '•••' button to access capital letters, numbers, symbols, dictation, scribble, emojis, and apple keyboard from your iPhone. Also, double tap the space bar for a period.

Use the Digital Crown or your finger to easily scroll through and find the characters you want. The Digital Crown allows you to control the scrolling speed - speeding up when you go faster and slowing down when you go slower.

Add ScrollTask's shortcut to your Apple Watch face, allowing for quick and easy access to the app.
Samantha Chang