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Screenwriter's Watch

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Screenwriter's Watch

Screenwriter's Watch is for writers who never stop writing and own an Apple Watch.

Hi Bruce.

Voice your script on Apple Watch one line at a time.

Select and insert lines on watch, and read, edit and export your script pdf on phone.

Force Touch to name and manage your scripts.

PRIVACY POLICY: Screenwriter's Watch does not track you. All scripts live only on device, so backup your iPhone and export your script pdfs often. Deleting the iPhone app and all backups deletes all scripts.

- Fiddle with the digital crown to voice a long line!
- Voice "period" at end of sentences to create multiple sentences while voicing a line.
- Voiced Scene Headers will auto-format from "Interior Bathroom Day" to "Int. Bathroom. Day."; expecting you to bookend every scene header with interior/exterior and day/night.
- Voiced "Insert" Scene Headers format as "Insert:"
- email autonomous at [email protected] for any improvement you want in the next update.