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ScoreIt! Tennis

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ScoreIt! Tennis

Scoreit! Tennis is a Watch and iPhone app to enable tennis players of any level to track game scores OR enter and track shot statistics from Match play, during the match!

Tennis players who want to keep track of their match shot statistics like Winners, Unforced Errors, Serve Percentages and more but do not have a dedicated coach or trainer to enter their statistics on a phone or tablet during matches, now have the ability to track their statistics themselves, during match play!

Using ScoreIt! Tennis in Shot Tracking mode the player can take advantage of the time between points to quickly enter statistics for the point just played, and not interrupt the normal flow of the game. With a tap of a button the shot is recorded and as the Match progresses condensed statistics are available to be viewed on the Watch. ScoreIt! Tennis allows the tracking of the common shots used during Tennis Matches, including Serves, Forehands, Backhands, Serve Returns, Net shots, Lobs, etc.

At the end of the match, the statistics are tabulated and stored on the iPhone, and the user can use the App to select any match and view the statistics from that match.

Using ScoreIt! Tennis in Score Keeping mode simply allows the player to keep track of their score, games won/lost, and sets won/lost.

v2 adds the ability to enter shot data right on the iPhone, no Watch required! So now a parent or Coach can track shot statistics for the player.

Be sure to get the User Manual from the Support URL or on our site in the User Guides section:
John Straumann