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Scizer is an application especially developed for students. Scizer supports the organization of a students life. The application has three main functions: Calendar, to-do list and grade calculation.

Type in all your exams, homework, presentations or whatever you want. Scizer will do the rest for you. Scizer will create to-do events and grade calculation depending on the category you chose.

Enter a goal for every subject and Scizer will always tell you which grade you need in the next exam.

Scizer will remind you a week after an exam to enter the grade. You will never forget that anymore.

Customize the push notifications! For every category you can decide when and how often you want to be reminded, you can enter your own message, or you can tell Scizer to not remind you at all if the event is of a specific category.

The three main functions interact with each other as you define with your categories. Create a complex system that helps you organize your life.
Luca Halm