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Science Pro

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Science Pro

Are you in the search of the perfect Scientific Reference? Well, then you've come exactly to the right place.

Still speculating? Allow yourself to be convinced...

Science Pro offers you a tremendous amount of Formulas covering Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Browse the stunning graphics and organize them using tags. Explore the beauty of Chemistry with the interactive periodic table.

Mathematical Topics:
- Algebra and Arithmetic
- Trigonometry
- Plane Geometry
- Solid Geometry
- Vectors
- Functions and Curves
- Differential Calculus
- Integral
- Series
- Linear Algebra
- Complex Number
- Differential Equation
- Fourier Transform
- Laplace Transform
- Vector Calculus
- Probability and Statistics

Physical Topics:
- Kinematics
- Dynamics
- Fluid Mechanics
- Oscillations and Waves
- Thermo Dynamics
- Acoustics
- Optics
- Electricity
- Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Periodic Table:
For each Chemical Element you have access to more than 40 properties, ranging from the Classification to the Enthalpy of Atomisation. There's probably little chance that Science Pro can't satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Made in Switzerland with Love.
Marc Burkhardt