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Schrode the Cat

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Schrode the Cat

The purrfect decision maker!

Ask Schrode your yes/no question, tap the box, and Schrode will answer. Is Schrode alive, dead, or perhaps the undead?! Use Schrode the Cat to make decisions in your life:

• "Should I eat pizza for dinner tonight?”
• "Is bubble tea the best drink ever made?”
• "Should I go to the movies tomorrow?”

You can even use Schrode to answer your friend's questions in Messages. Just reply with Schrode for Messages. Let Schrode make the decision for you!

Schrode the Cat works on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and even Messages on your iPhone and iPad. It also is available as a widget for iPhone and iPad, and is available in multiple languages.

Every 15 minutes watch faces that allow text display (Infograph for example) will show a random response. No need to open the app! Ask a question and glance at your watch face, and the complication will tell you the answer (as long as it has been over 15 minutes since you last tried).

• "Schrode, should I download this app?". Schrode says, "Yes".

Schrode the Cat is inspired by Schrödinger's Cat – a physics thought experiment devised by physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. You can choose to turn off "zombie mode" to adhere to strict "Schrödinger mode” too if you are a physics nerd, or scared of zombies.

• "Would Erwin Schrödinger have approved of Schrode the Cat?". Schrode says, "Certainly”.

So what are you waiting for? Download Schrode the Cat now. And don’t forget to download it for Apple TV and Mac too, so you can ask Schrode questions from the comfort of your living room!

*Please note that the answers Schrode supplies are for entertainment purposes only. Do not come after us if you don't like the answer, or the answer gets you in trouble!

* Easter egg revealed! Copy some short text to your clipboard, and in messages hold 1 finger on the closed box in the messages app and wait a few seconds!