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The idea behind this app is to make the school life easier as it is. Do you know this problems about managing your time and tasks for school? Did not you forgot any dates one time? This app is the best solution!

- Managing more than one timetable at the same time
- Support for mixed lesson lengths (single and double)
- Two different timetables for even and odd weeks
- Copy the timetable of the even week to the odd week
- Individual period times
- Detect current lesson
- Today extension

- Automatically adding homework for the current lesson
- Save image with task
- Great Notifications with direct interactions
- Shows and updates the number of homework on the home screen automatically

- Adding exam date, time, place and notes to the iOS calendar
- Custom notifications with actions

- Connecting grades with exams
- Calculating the average of all grades or just by every subject
- Filtering of grades
- Different grade systems for different school types
(Mainly adapted for German school systems)

- Add holidays to know when you don't need to go to school
- Calculations for homework and lessons are automatically adjust
- Autoimport a set of holidays based on your state (only for Germany)

- Customisable settings
- Create iCloud backups whenever you want (It’s not made for a continuous synchronisation)
- Auto backup your data regularly (daily, weekly, monthly, never)
- Restrict the app access with a custom passcode

The App:
- Simple to use
- 3D touch support
- Application shortcuts for fast adding homework to the current lesson

- See your timetable
- Know which lessons you have today
- Add new homework directly from your wrist with speak recognition

This application is mainly designed for the German school system.

It will be great if I get a short feedback or functions which you want to have in the next version.
Alexander Steiner