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Schooling Sport

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Schooling Sport

As a professional athlete, my life revolves around training. I've realised I don’t need tonnes of equipment or a gym to train. All I need is commitment, perseverance and effective training to get the best out of my body.

This is where Schooling Sport is different. Based on your VO2 Max and Heart Rate, this fitness app provides dynamic, real-time, and interactive audio coaching. There are fitness programs suitable for anyone and for every fitness level.

Schooling Sport boasts thousands of workouts and training plans ranging from running to yoga to swimming. Our goal is to introduce workouts that are key to an active and healthy lifestyle. 

In addition, you will also hear from other Olympians, World-Champions, and fitness innovators.

Take your time to explore what works for you and how best to get the most out of your exercise programs.
Schooling Sports Academy