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SceneRecord L

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SceneRecord L

A MP3 Recorder, a lite version of SceneRecord. No ads.

●●●After five years of hard work, more stable and more powerful than imagined●●●

●Data storage security technology, It can ensure that the recording data is well preserved●
●Taking pictures while recording, the best recording tool for meetings and classrooms●
●Recording + photo = video, e-courseware a click to achieve●
●Text and handwritten notes taken pictures, convenient and quick to modify photos●
●Cut, soundtrack, stitching, you can edit whatever you want●
●MP3 format direct recording, you can achieve full cross-platform sharing●
●Real-time change the sound playback technology, opened a new chapter in the recording playback●
●Setting the volume level to start recording, monitor your sleep, and detect health problems in a timely manner●
●Nine kinds of export methods, so that sharing becomes simple and easy●
●iMessage has no size limit to share●
●Apple Watch and iPhone control each other recording, complement each other●

●Support iOS 11●
●Support watchOS 4,watchOS 3,watchOS 2 (Apple Watch can leave iPhone independent recording and playback)●
●Support iMeesage●
● Support iPad Pro ●
● Support 3D Touch ●
● Support Split View ●