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Like its predecessor, SayBallet, SayTap is a unique application developed to teach tap terminology and steps to students of all ages by saying, seeing, doing, and exclusively for SayTap, by also hearing the tap steps presented on the video. Based on American Tap Dance terminology and popular American tap steps, this hand-held tool can be used by students of all ages to have fun and to further their dance education!

When the user says the name of a step, the app will recognize the verbal command, and a short clip will pop up showing the step. Tap text definitions are clearly worded to make sure the user will learn the correct rhythm, style and technique as each tap step is presented.

Also included is a fun quiz to further enrich this program. Our easy-to-follow application is geared towards the beginner to intermediate tap student and can be used by tappers from 7 to 70. Steps shown include brush, spank, hops, shuffles, buffalo, buck and wing, time steps, cramp rolls, tap turns, and many more!

SayTap was created for dancers who are interested in enriching their tap dance experience. With this handy pocket application you can practice just about anywhere - no need to put on your tap shoes! Show off your newly learned tap skills to your friends and family. Can you SayTap?
Pocket Video Arts LLC