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SayJazz follows in the footsteps of our successful SayBallet app, which has now been downloaded by ballet students in over 35 countries. SayJazz is based on the same traditional flash card learning style developed for SayBallet by a children’s ballet teacher. This educational application is based on years of success in teaching dance terminology to young students and their parents and can be used with dance students as young as five years old. You do not need an Internet connection to use the app, so your budding dancer can even practice on the way to class!

Children learn by saying, seeing, and doing. With this unique teaching tool, the child can say a dance term, hear the term spoken, watch the video of the step being performed and see the correct spelling and phonetic pronunciation.

SayJazz, the informative and fun way to teach dance terms!
- Search for term definitions in the reference glossary
- Hear the term pronounced
- Watch videos of each movement (no Internet access required)
- Test your knowledge by taking interactive quizzes

Over 70 terms and videos.
Pocket Video Arts LLC