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Savor Food

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Savor Food

Share what you savor. Because friends don't let friends order badly.

Savor is a visual, dish-based, review app that enables you to quickly post, rate, and share what you savor most when dining out.

Unlike venue-based restaurant review apps, Savor tells you where to go AND what to order when you get there.


• A constantly streaming “Feed” of the latest posts by Savor users in your area.
• An innovative "Foodie Alerts” feature that alerts you when you're near a favorite place or highly-rated favorite menu item.
• Runs natively on the Apple Watch.
• An "Explore" tab to see the highest rated menu items around you with one simple tap.
• Real-time notifications when someone likes, comments, mentions, or follows you.
• Easily share Savor posts via other social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.
• Integration with Uber's ride-sharing service.

Become a Savor ambassador for your community by posting about your favorite dishes and drinks when dining out.
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