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SaveSense at its core aims to help you think differently about the way you spend money every day. By consciously avoiding a purchase you might have otherwise made, you can feel good about spending the money you saved on something else.

Have you ever wanted to purchase something and thought to yourself, "If I just packed my lunch for a whole week instead of eating out, I could buy that with the money I saved"? This is exactly what SaveSense helps you achieve.

STEP 1: CREATE a goal - something you want to treat yourself or someone else to. Like a pair of shoes or a video game!

STEP 2: LOG your savings - each time you skip your morning coffee, pack your lunch, or do that car repair yourself, log the money you've saved towards your goal!

STEP 3: COMPLETE your goal - once you've saved up enough to cover the cost of your goal, you can feel good about purchasing it, knowing that you earned it by making smart financial decisions!

Start using the app regularly, and you never know what kind of great spending habits you might find yourself building.

Hope you enjoy this app!
DevDuck, LLC