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Saturn brings clarity to your calendar.

Live view provides an up-to-the-second view of where you are in your day - keeping you on track and on-time.

We support rotating block schedules, lunch waves, and special schedules - including snow days!

Schedule share with friends, and rest easy knowing privacy options require other users to request to follow you.

Quickly contact any member of your school’s community with a tap.

Features include:
-Live View: keeps you up-to-date on where you need to be
-Schedule Sharing: Keep tabs on your friends and what they’re up to
-Privacy Settings: Control your profile and choose to be public or private
-Secure Community: Linked to your school Google or Microsoft account to protect the community
-Morning Notifications: Start your day in-the-know and prepared
-Lunch support: Know which lunch wave you have
-Dedicated Apple Watch Support: Your schedule, now on your wrist

Stop stressing about your schedule. Get Saturn.
Saturn Technologies Inc.