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Saturn is a modern new way for students to handle scheduling. Our easy-to-understand, customizable mobile interface, is branded to your school and gives you an up-to-the-minute view on your daily schedule - offering updates on where you are in your day, as well as providing your schedule on any given day.

With schedule sharing - follow your friends to view their schedules, and rest easy knowing that privacy options require users to request to follow you, if you choose. We support special schedules, lunch waves, and allow quick-contact to any member of your school’s community. Join our growing community of users and get time back in your day.

Features include:
-Live view provides schedule information in a simple and intuitive interface
-Light vs. Dark mode gives you the ability to customize your view
-School-specific branding brings your community together
-Dedicated Apple Watch support from our Apple Watch application
-View your friends’ schedules
-Public versus private profiles
-Linked to your school Google account so your data is maintained across your devices
Saturn Technologies Inc.